Lorraine C. Ladish
Author / Escritora

Are all of your books in Spanish?

Yes, right now they are, although some have been translated to other languages too, to include Czech, Portuguese and Catalan. The reason for writing and publishing so many books in Spanish is that I lived in Spain when I started publishing in 1993 and it simply made sense to continue writing and publishing in the language of a market that was (and still is) kind to me. I moved to Florida in 2004 and I am working on a book for the U.S. market (in English) that already has an agent, but I also continue to write in Spanish, because I´m already IN that market.

Why do your books cover such diverse topics? Why don´t you write within one genre?

Because I write from the heart, about issues that have touched my life. The progression of my writing reflects my own evolution as a person: eating disorders (self-image), relationships, writing, motherhood, parenting, turning 40. I don´t haphazardly jump from one subject to another. But I also don´t write to fit into a genre. I write because I can´t help myself, and I'm published because I´m persistent and also very lucky.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

No. It just happened. I grew up watching my father and my grandfather write and publish books, and I thought it was "normal". I spent Saturday evenings at bookstores with my dad and I loved to read and write. I always kept a journal and writing got me out of the bad times and helped me celebrate the good.

Do you have a degree in journalism, or are you a psychologist?

No and no. I´ve been asked this many times. I studied Literature and have a diploma by the University of London. I can´t conceive of life without writing (and reading), and ... I can´t help myself. I do write for newspapers now, but as usual, I learned on the job.

When do you like to write?

At night. I´ve always done that. But now I write during the day or whenever I can, simply because I have two children and if I go to bed late, not being a morning person, I´m a zombie the next day!

Have you self-published?

No. All my books are published by traditonal trade publishers. I´ve not had to self-publish so far and I´ve always been paid vs. paying to be published. I respect those who turn to self-publishing. Perhaps I was lucky, but so far I haven´t needed to do that.

Are you really 100% bilingual?

Yes. I can read, write and speak fluently in English and Spanish. I don´t feel one language is stronger than the other. I´m a professional translator and interpreter - and very good at it too, no modesty there. I never went to school for that, I discovered I had a knack for it, it pays well, and it has to do with words ...
This was the best gift my father ever gave me and I´m trying to pass it on to my kids too.

Are you writing something now?

I´m always writing something. I´m working on a book on running, since I´ve been a runner for over three decades. I´m also rewriting a chick-lit novel in English, and my next book Diario del éxito (Success Diaries) will be out in 2012

Updated: Sarasota, FL. Nov. 2011

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