+ 6 Beauty picks to look and feel luxurious

6 Beauty picks to look and feel luxurious this fall

There is nothing like the look and feel of luxurious pampering. Any self-care that indulges the senses makes me feel on top of the world, no matter what kind of a day I´ve had.  If like me, you are in search of a little something to make your stress melt away, while you take care of yourself, here are a few of my favorites. I… Read More

+ Uncommon Goods sari bag and necklace

A versatile necklace & a bag to brighten your wardrobe

I own just a few simple clothes that I enjoy accessorizing with funky jewelry and handbags. I also love bright colors. If a piece of jewelry or a tote bag is all of these things plus original and unique, I got myself a winner. I treat myself to such beautiful items when I travel. I enjoy chatting to local artists, as I did during… Read More