+ Does your online work interfere with family time?

Does online work get in the way of family time?

Oh, this one´s a biggie for me. And I don´t just mean since I became a mom. I´ve always worked a lot, ever since I was very very young. Maybe it´s because I love what I do. Even setting up this website and blog. I didn´t do it in little pockets of time here and there. On the last stretch, I worked hour upon hour non-stop… Read More

+ Estrategias para superar los retos de la vida

Estrategias para superar los retos de la vida

No tiene más éxito aquél cuya vida carece de retos, sino el que desarrolla la fortaleza y la destreza para sobreponerse a ellos. Es una ingenuidad pensar que si descubres cuál es tu propósito de vida, te marcas metas, das los pasos para alcanzarlas y adoptas una actitud positiva, todo te resultará muy fácil. Sé lo que es luchar por superar un problema, conseguirlo… Read More

+ Freelancing tips from an expert

After freelancing for almost 40 years, these are my tips

I’m a die-hard freelancer—I´ve been doing it for (yikes!) almost four decades—and, even though I sometimes complain about crazy deadlines and struggle when I’m juggling several projects at once, I would never trade it for a 9-5 job at an office. People have asked me often how I manage to discipline myself and make freelancing work. I know first-hand uncertainty, high demands and unfair pay, tight deadlines, sleepless nights and… Read More