My light and audio setup for YouTube & Instagram videos and Zoom workshops


I was doing videos and video calls way before 2020, so thankfully I already had everything I needed to continue doing my thing in these crazy times.

So many people ask me what my setup is that I decided to write a blog post about it for easy reference.

I make a living online, as a digital content creator. My videos are sometimes just Youtube vlogs where I’m sitting in one place chatting away. Other times they are yoga flows.

I've been doing videos, lives and zoom calls for years. Here is the setup I use. It's pretty affordable and versatile.
This was my setup for a 3-hour Zoom yoga workshop for yoga teachers

Sometimes I do IG lives or IGTV yoga videos and others I teach virtual yoga workshops (as in the photo). For this particular situation, I also had other handy things like four yoga mats side by side so I could move in any direction without having to move the camera (my phone), and a battery, to prevent my phone from dying on me.

I’ve owned some of the lights for quite some time and other things, like my mic, are relatively new. But I love every single item and they’re all doing the trick quite well. Please know the links are all affiliates, and that I am very happy with my purchases.

18” Neewer ring light 

This was a game-changer for me. Not only for videos but Zoom calls. I chose the larger size, but you can also buy a 14” or smaller. I’ve not only used it at home in different spots, but I’ve also transported it to other locations for photoshoots. This is my main source of light when I’m indoors, even when I am in front of a window. On days where the sun comes out and then it’s cloudy again, I know I will always be in the light during a call or a video.

Neewer LED Softbox lights

This was my second lighting purchase and I don’t regret it. I use these for extra lighting when shooting video or sometimes when taking photos for my sponsored photoshoots at home when the ring light on its own won’t do the trick. Sometimes I use just one of them, and most of the time I use both. Please know I never take these apart. I have a space where all my lights are always assembled and I just move them around. I do make a living doing this, so I don’t mind that they’re visible.

I've been doing videos, lives and zoom calls for years. Here is the setup I use. It's pretty affordable and versatile.
This is how I looked to my students on their computers

Fugetek selfie stick and tripod

I use it more as a tripod for my Iphone than I do as a selfie-stick but it’s great for both! I usually hold my Iphone in the ring light, but there are occasions when this is more convenient. I also use this tripod for when I’m following an online Pilates class on my phone. It’s a super affordable and durable little gadget.

Pop Voice Lavalier mic

At around 12 bucks, this is a great buy. I only use it for YouTube vlogging, since it’s wired. But honestly, the sound is pretty good and if you don’t like it you can always return it. Even if you don’t, it’s just not that expensive.

Shure MV88 Portable mic for Iphone

I never thought I needed something other than a lavalier mic until I started shooting yoga videos, specifically this yoga and pilates series I did for the AARP website. I love that I can deliver better sound (please note that some of the AARP videos were done without a mic!) while I’m busting yoga moves, without using a wireless mic attached to my body. I now also use this mic for vlogging. I do have to make sure that I’ve adjusted the settings properly before shooting. But once I’m done with that, all is good. Worth the money I paid.


I wish I could tell you I have this fancy camera, but I don’t. I shoot video with my Iphone, because I know I just wouldn’t do it otherwise. At the time of this writing I’m still using an Iphone 7 Plus, but I have my eye on the Iphone 11 Pro Max (linked), which will hopefully go down in price once the 12 is released. I like that I can edit on Imovie right on my phone.

Anker PowerCore portable charger

I’ve owned one of these for around 5 years and I could not live without it! It ensures that my phone won’t run out of battery during a 3-hour live workshop! I also use it throughout the day, or when traveling is a thing again, on trips. I can also share juice with others, since it has more than one outlet.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask in the comments!

I've been doing videos, lives and zoom calls for years. Here is the setup I use. It's pretty affordable and versatile.

3 Comments on “My light and audio setup for YouTube & Instagram videos and Zoom workshops

  1. Thanks Lorraine! I’ve been thinking about a ring light for a while. If the video room is small, is it possible that a larger light, like the 18″ would be too much light. Can the light be adjusted?

    • Yes, Anita, the light has a dimmer so it can be as bright or as dim as you like. You could also use a smaller light. Hope this helps!

      • Yes, it helps. My daughter and I are ready to experiment! Thanks.

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