+ The gift of active listening

The gift of active listening or “holding the space”

Listening without passing judgment, without giving advice or without giving feedback is hard. But it´s the best way to help someone get through their emotional pain.

+ 8 Things I did at ages that may be considered too late

8 Things I did at ages that may be considered “too late.”

I’ve often started new endeavors at ages that others would consider “too old” or “too late.” At 55, I’m far from done! Here are a few things I’ve done so far.

+ Saying NO to what doesn't serve your higher purpose

Saying NO to things that don’t add color to your big picture

Saying yes to things that don’t contribute to your end goal is a time and energy sinker. Learn to say no with purpose.

+ 4 Things you should stop doing for your own sake

4 Things you should STOP doing so you can reach your full potential

There´s a lot of talk about what to do to be successful. Equally important is what to STOP doing. That’s right. We all have to stop doing whatever is getting in the way of reaching our goals. After a lifetime of working for myself and making a living with words – writing, editing, translating and adapting them, – these are the things I feel… Read More

+ Qué hacer cuando te sientes mayor

Remedio para esos días en que te sientes “mayor”

El paso del tiempo es inexorable. Por ello, hay que acostumbrarse desde jóvenes a enfrentar cada cumpleaños con alegría. Eso sí, reconozco que a partir de una cierta edad cada cumpleaños puede traer consigo una pequeña o gran crisis de identidad. A los 30, 40 o 50 y tantos ya no eres una niña, pero tampoco eres anciana. A estas edades el cómo te ves no siempre… Read More