Saying NO to things that don’t add color to your big picture


I find that the best way to keep on trucking is to put blinders on and ignore everything that doesn’t add color to my big picture.

For example, my priority right now is my RYT-500 yoga teacher certification at Heartwood Yoga Institute and building The Flawed Yogini while continuing to manage Viva Fifty! so anything else that sounds like fun but doesn’t serve that purpose is a no. Even if it sounds enticing, it’s a no.

Saying NO to what doesn't serve your higher purpose
Staying on purpose

It used to be too easy for me to say yes. ????

Yes to a jam-packed junket that will take me away from my family and paid work!

Yes to a conference that will cost money better invested in creating content or on my yoga studies!.

Yes to a gig that sounds great on paper but that in my gut I know will be like pulling teeth!

Yes to receiving free swag that isn´t really free because I’m expected to share about it online.

But trust me, over the years, I’ve learned to say no. No to all of the above and then some. The right doors open when you have a laser focus on the path you’re meant to be on.

It’s happening, and I can´t be more grateful.

What are you saying YES and NO to and how could you hone that to make sure you’re on the path you really want to be on?

Saying yes to things that don't contribute to your end goal is a time and energy sinker. Learn to say no with purpose. #success #purpose #empowerment


2 Comments on “Saying NO to things that don’t add color to your big picture

  1. Delfin

    It takes grit to say no. We try to avoid contradicting others. We think they won’t like us. But if we know what is good for us, we should say no as often as necessary. Thank you for your post.

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