+ Consumer Reports, an organization that works with and for the consumer

Visiting Consumer Reports headquarters in Yonkers, NY

I’ve teamed up with Consumer Reports and am proud to be one of their paid brand ambassadors; my personal opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Consumer Reports. I picked up my first Consumer Reports magazine at the supermarket when I moved back to the U.S. 12 years ago. It wasn´t worth shipping everything we had back in Spain, especially home gadgets and electronics,… Read More

+ El éxito no existe en el futuro: es HOY

My secret to writing a book while juggling life & work

I´m writing a book. I´ve done this before. Many times. 18 to be exact. In fact more times, if I count the unpublished manuscripts too. I´m not saying this to show off, believe me. At 53 I´ve had plenty of time to write in my life. It´s what I do. That´s the only reason I know for sure I can pull it off. And… Read More

+ The real reason behind my productivity

The real reason behind my productivity

I’ve been labeled as a prolific writer, an effective and productive editor, a fast and reliable translator, a successful entrepreneur, a multitasker, a supermom and an overachiever. While I like to think of myself as such, I confess: I am none of those things. Do I accomplish a lot? Yes. But, not because I am disciplined, organized or efficient. I pull it all off because… Read More

+ El éxito no existe en el futuro: es HOY

El éxito no existe en el futuro: es HOY

Cuando era muy joven siempre andaba en busca del siguiente paso que me llevaría a la gran meta del éxito. Publiqué mi primer libro a los 30 años, y recuerdo la gran ilusión que me hizo. Pero al poco tiempo, ya pensaba en el siguiente libro, y en el éxito que  esa nueva publicación me traería. Seguí escribiendo y publicando libros a lo largo… Read More

+ Cómo se gana la vida una influencer digital en USA

Cómo se gana la vida una “influencer” digital en USA

Si tuviera un dólar por cada vez que alguien me pregunta exactamente cómo me gano la vida en Internet, no tendría que trabajar. Pero claro, comprendo que para quienes usan las redes sociales principalmente para estar en contacto con familia y amigos, es difícil de entender que alguien pueda vivir de su presencia en Internet. Lo cierto es que el camino desde ser escritora… Read More

+ I´m busy enough so why am I launching a new blog?

I´m busy enough, so why launch a new blog?

Oh, my, so it´s been two years since I launched my digital publication Viva Fifty!  It is aimed mainly at women who want to celebrate life at 50+. It was the logical thing for me to do, since I had already crossed the turning 50 line and was, and still am, passionate about showing others that life in your fifties and beyond can be… Read More