What should your online brand or persona be like?


A frequent question I get is: “If I want to be an influencer or a blogger, how do I know what my brand/persona should be like?”

I say that YOU are your brand, and you get to choose how you want to show up on and offline.

I choose to just be ME. 

What should your online brand or persona be like?
Photo: Phillippe Diederich

I’m the kind of person who will wear Converse with a dress. I’m the person who posts beautiful photos on Instagram because I’m fortunate that my husband is a professional photographer. But I will share my unglamorous life on Instagram stories, with no makeup, hair undone, with my messy and artistic household, my loud an unhinged laughter and my silly antics.

I’m the one with a family who can’t take photos in matching clothes, whose kitchen won’t appear in a glossy magazine and who doesn’t drive a high-end car unless I’m reviewing it.

What should your online brand or persona be like?
Our non-matching family (selfie)

Those who follow me know what I stand for, what my values and even political views are (you can find those on Twitter mostly), and when they meet me in person they will be with the same person they see online. 

This way, when a brand or an organization wants to work with me, there is no pressure to be anything other than who I really and truly am! 

It also means my work and my personal life frequently (if not always) blend together. 

So, that’s my answer to the online brand/persona question. 

Any other questions?

Ask away!

My online brand or persona is exactly who and how I am in private. I find it easy and liberating. How do you want to show up online? #blogger #contentcreator #influencer

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