How I (don’t) achieve work-life balance


Because my work and my yoga journey are so intertwined now, I often wear the same clothes for both activities, unless I sweated so very much that I really need to change. 

How I (don't) achieve work-life balance

I get asked about work-life balance a lot and the truth is … although I strive for balance, all my activities seem to blend together like an abstract painting. 

Some days there is a lot of wellness and yoga and meditation. Others there is mostly work and a bit of yoga. Many days family fills in all the crevices and it’s also mixed with work. 

There are few days where everything isn’t in the mix. Some days I feel I got this all figured out and I’m sailing along. Others, I feel just as lost as the next woman juggling a million things. 

Also, I kind of like the way it all flows, instead of being compartmentalized. I’m not a square person and neither is my life. 

What does your daily life look life if you compared it to art or something else?

I've always believed work-life balance is a myth, especially for those of us who work from home and/or have kids on top of that. Here's how I make it all flow.  #career #family #blogger

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  1. Delgin

    Very inspirational, per usual. Thank you.

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