8 Things I did at ages that may be considered “too late.”


To those thinking it´s too late to learn something new, to change your ways, to improve your outlook on life, I say bah, humbug!

Many, if not all of us, have thought at some point, “my ship has sailed.”
Two months shy of 56, here is my list of things I’ve done at ages that seemed “too late” at the time.

8 Things I did at ages that may be considered too late
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1.- Took up jazz and modern dance classes at 23. I cried after every class because I felt uncoordinated, but I stuck with it. That led to almost three decades of fun in dance studios, a few stages, and on the dance floor.

2.- Learned to touch-type (type without looking at the keyboard) at 36, after a lifetime of using two fingers and making a living typing books, translations, scripts … ! It was hard, very hard, but I did it!

3.- Had my first baby at 37 and the second at 40. Both deliveries were pretty speedy, especially the second labor and delivery, at record 45 minutes!

4.- Took up LA style salsa at 43 and I’m still impressed with the videos of the tricks I learned (you can find them on Youtube).

5.- Met the love of my life at 46 and married him at 50. It took a few “tries” in life to finally find and choose the right person. I’m grateful I stayed open to love.

6.- Ran my first (and last) half marathon at 48. After a lifetime of running consistently, I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world, even when I injured my hip.

7.- Launched my website VivaFifty.com at 50 and went on to make a full-time living as a content creator, blogger, influencer, digital entrepreneur, take your pick (I don’t care what you call it).

8.- Became a certified yoga instructor at 55, after 4 years of daily yoga. I’m still pursuing my 500 hour training, so I will get that certification (RYT500) at 56.

I’m not done yet, and I hope you aren’t either, whether you are 20, 50, 80 or beyond. 

What are you committing to start even if you thought up until this minute that it was too late to do it?

I've often started new endeavors at ages that others would consider "too old" or "too late." At 55, I'm far from done! #inspiration #midlife #success

6 Comments on “8 Things I did at ages that may be considered “too late.”

  1. Bravo, Lorraine. You are an inspiration. At nearly 58, I was starting to forget!!
    Donna A.

  2. Laura Cedeno

    I am fifty now, I want to take some salsa dance classes, I think never is too late!

  3. Bo

    Thank you very much for sharing – exactly what I needed to hear right now 🙂

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