8 Basic steps to get started as a content creator

Many people think about creating a blog or social media presence and monetize it. Here are 8 steps to establish and get your digital brand up and running.

+ How I don't achieve work life balance

How I (don’t) achieve work-life balance

I’ve always believed work-life balance is a myth, especially for those of us who work from home and/or have kids on top of that. Here’s how I make it all flow.

+ How to write a book proposal

How to write a non-fiction book proposal in a nutshell

After writing and publishing 18 books with traditional trade-publishers (16 of them are non-fiction), here is the short answer to a question I get often. ¿How to write a book proposal?

+ The real reason behind my productivity

The real reason behind my productivity

I’ve been labeled as a prolific writer, an effective and productive editor, a fast and reliable translator, a successful entrepreneur, a multitasker, a supermom and an overachiever. While I like to think of myself as such, I confess: I am none of those things. Do I accomplish a lot? Yes. But, not because I am disciplined, organized or efficient. I pull it all off because… Read More

+ I´m busy enough so why am I launching a new blog?

I´m busy enough, so why launch a new blog?

Oh, my, so it´s been two years since I launched my digital publication Viva Fifty!  It is aimed mainly at women who want to celebrate life at 50+. It was the logical thing for me to do, since I had already crossed the turning 50 line and was, and still am, passionate about showing others that life in your fifties and beyond can be… Read More