A versatile necklace & a bag to brighten your wardrobe


Lorraine C. Ladish disclosureI own just a few simple clothes that I enjoy accessorizing with funky jewelry and handbags. I also love bright colors. If a piece of jewelry or a tote bag is all of these things plus original and unique, I got myself a winner.

I treat myself to such beautiful items when I travel. I enjoy chatting to local artists, as I did during my recent trip to Haiti, and finding out about the things I like. I want to know who made the piece I want to buy; what the story is behind it.

A versatile necklace & a bag to brighten your wardrobe

(c) Viva Fifty Media – Pops of color can brighten any outfit

But nowadays travel is not the only option. There are also unique stores online. One of these is Uncommon Goods. Their mission is sustainability. They pride themselves in offering items that are made in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Many of their products are designed using recycled components with stunning results. And when you check out, you can choose to select a non-profit organization to receive a $1 donation on behalf of Uncommon Goods.

What´s not to like?

Uncommon Goods sari bag and necklace

(c) Viva Fifty Media – Even in the muggy Florida heat I felt bright and vibrant

When I was given the opportunity to go shopping on the site as a part of my collaboration, I decided to browse gifts for her! Part of my life mission is sharing with other women how important it is to be good to ourselves. So, I decided to indulge in gifts for me!

A great thing about this online store is that you get to read about the artist who made your item. You can also read about the item itself. Now, that´s pretty cool.

So here are my purchases and why I loved them so much even before I got to see them in person.

Uncommon goods necklace

(c) Viva Fifty Media – The mosaic beads are simply beautiful

The mosaic necklace ($130) by Stefanie Wolf is beautiful, colorful and versatile. It´s made of  glass tile beads from the Czech Republic (they are also called Picasso Windows). Stefanie, the artist, lives in Martha´s Vineyard and became a full-time jeweler after pursuing a career in psychology. Her creations are vibrant and special. Before ordering the necklace I watched her video giving tips on several ways to wear this 60-inch necklace. I was sold.

You can wear the necklace doubled, tripled, knotted, or as a bracelet … Just what I needed. Something versatile and colorful to make me look and feel special. It arrived beautifully packaged and it´s going to be a huge part of my wardrobe year-round.

Uncommon Goods sari bag

(c) Viva Fifty Media – The sari bag is roomy and practical

As I continued browsing the for her section, I found this impossibly beautiful Sari Market bag ($45) made of hemp fabric and recycled saris in India. And well, what can I say. It is also vibrant, unique and versatile. Of course you can use it to shop at the farmer’s market, but I can see myself taking it to yoga class, to the beach and using it to carry my laptop and planner. So with these two items, the necklace and the tote, I updated the look of my white dress. What do you think?

My sister´s birthday is coming up soon and well, perhaps a gift-card to Uncommon Goods is my best bet. She also loves one-of-a-kind beautiful things to brighten her day.


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  1. Hola Lorraine, me fascina esa cartera o “bolso” como decimos en Venezuela, pero lamentablemente tengo tarjeta de credito pero no en dolares.

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