3-Step formula to find time to follow your dreams


“I don´t have the time” is the most frequent excuse for not pursuing a dream. You can turn a dream into a goal by putting it on paper and then giving it a deadline.

But, how do you find the time to devote to your dream, whether it be to write a novel, learn how to crochet, run a marathon, go back to school or take up yoga? It may not always be easy, but it’s rather simple.

3-Step system to find time to reach your goals

1.- Make a list of all the things you do on any given day that you really DON´T NEED to do, but that you do anyway. Some have become habits and may be so ingrained that you hardly notice. Here go a few common ones:

  • Surf the Internet
  • Play video-games
  • Hang out on social media
  • Chat on the phone
  • Watch TV
  • Gossip

2.- Now make a list of the things you WANT to do but skip because you believe you don´t have time for them. Here are some examples.

  • Write a book
  • Train for a 5k, a half marathon or a marathon
  • Learn another language
  • Start a home-based business
  • Begin a yoga practice
  • Start a new blog

3.- Now vow to stop doing the things in LIST 1 cold-turkey and presto, you have time to do the things in LIST 2.

It´s not rocket science, but it works.

3-Step plan to find time for your dreams


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