Welcome to my messy work-life-motherhood


Being a mom is intertwined with being everything else I am, with everything else I do. There is really no separation, so that’s why I often include my family in my Instagram stories and posts.

My big messy work-life-motherhood
Alexia and me at the airport on our recent trip to Philly

My work life and personal life are one, really. My kids have grown up with this, for better and for worse. They have come with me to TV interviews, work interviews, cool gigs and exciting social media conferences where they get to see that mom is more than the person sitting at her laptop wearing a bun. They have also enjoyed press trips with me, and participated in social media campaigns too.

They have also watched me type away sitting inside a play-yard with them when they were little. Alexia once came to a language interpreter gig with me strapped on to my body in a baby carrier!

That is my situation: one big messy work-life-motherhood existence. Even my yoga experience is intertwined with my family, as everything I do affects them.

Now that my eldest, Chloe is off living her best life (and KUDOS to her, quite honestly), my youngest, 15, does remind me to put my phone down or quit trying to multitask when she needs my attention. I have learned to listen to her.

Chloe Nelson living her best life
My daughter Chloe living the life in Morocco

Sometimes I think back and feel I wasn’t 100% there for my eldest when she came back from school at the age my youngest is now, since the time at which they arrive home is usually when I feel most productive, darnit. I do have that regret. However, I could have been at a 9-5, unavailable all day, and I never was.

Alexia reminds me that she needs me, and I am not taking this lightly. Three more years until she graduates high school.

What does your “work-life-motherhood” look like?

Being a self-employed mother is not for wimps. Of course, being a parent is hard enough. However, in my case work, life and motherhood are intertwined. #mompreneur #worklife #blogger

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