+ 5 Statement fragrances for spring and summer

5 Statement fragrances for spring & summer

While fragrance is a very personal choice, I find that the older I get, the more I seek fragrances that help me feel pampered and cared for. I have my go-tos for daytime, but sometimes I want to be enveloped in a luxurious and refined perfume, whether I´m attending a special event or simply need a confidence booster.  I hope that you will enjoy… Read More

+ I´m busy enough so why am I launching a new blog?

I´m busy enough, so why launch a new blog?

Oh, my, so it´s been two years since I launched my digital publication Viva Fifty!  It is aimed mainly at women who want to celebrate life at 50+. It was the logical thing for me to do, since I had already crossed the turning 50 line and was, and still am, passionate about showing others that life in your fifties and beyond can be… Read More