+ The one trait that will help you achieve your goals

The one trait that will help you achieve your goals

I’m a 50+ woman who has a track record of setting and achieving goals. For example: writing and publishing books (I´m ecstatic to share that my next one will be released by HarperCollins in 2017). Making a full-time living as a digital communicator and influencer. Being in decent shape by practicing yoga daily. Having a good relationship with my former husband, which makes my kids happy…. Read More

+ 6 Beauty picks to look and feel luxurious

6 Beauty picks to look and feel luxurious this fall

There is nothing like the look and feel of luxurious pampering. Any self-care that indulges the senses makes me feel on top of the world, no matter what kind of a day I´ve had.  If like me, you are in search of a little something to make your stress melt away, while you take care of yourself, here are a few of my favorites. I… Read More

+ Uncommon Goods sari bag and necklace

A versatile necklace & a bag to brighten your wardrobe

I own just a few simple clothes that I enjoy accessorizing with funky jewelry and handbags. I also love bright colors. If a piece of jewelry or a tote bag is all of these things plus original and unique, I got myself a winner. I treat myself to such beautiful items when I travel. I enjoy chatting to local artists, as I did during… Read More

+ 5 Things that keep me coming back to Haiti

5 Things that keep me returning to Haiti

Haiti is the only country in the Caribbean that earns only 10% of its income from tourism. Most of the other Caribbean countries earn 90% of their income from tourism and related industries. This fact is not surprising, given that most of what people hear and see on the news about Haiti is not exactly inviting. You´ve probably heard about its political instability and… Read More

+ The best beauty advice for any age

Tried and true beauty advice for women of all ages

At 52 I can already see the signs of ageing on my skin. It´s not always easy to embrace a new fine line or wrinkle and a sagging neck. It´s a tad unsettling to look at my hands and see how they tell the truth about my age. But I also realize that I’m lucky. I have a pretty healthy-looking complexion. And this is… Read More

+ 5 Statement fragrances for spring and summer

5 Statement fragrances for spring & summer

While fragrance is a very personal choice, I find that the older I get, the more I seek fragrances that help me feel pampered and cared for. I have my go-tos for daytime, but sometimes I want to be enveloped in a luxurious and refined perfume, whether I´m attending a special event or simply need a confidence booster.  I hope that you will enjoy… Read More

+ I´m busy enough so why am I launching a new blog?

I´m busy enough, so why launch a new blog?

Oh, my, so it´s been two years since I launched my digital publication Viva Fifty!  It is aimed mainly at women who want to celebrate life at 50+. It was the logical thing for me to do, since I had already crossed the turning 50 line and was, and still am, passionate about showing others that life in your fifties and beyond can be… Read More